Papa John’s Clone (non-vegan)

So I am still new enough to my pizza adventures that I don’t always have a dough ball lurking in the refer.  But, last night I wanted pizza and since I was not going to call the Hut, I turned to Peter’s (from the Pizza Making Forum) emergency 2 hour Papa John’s clone.  Success, 2 hours, 10 minutes later I had a pie.  I didn’t have honey which may be why there is a lack of charring on the rim, but it was ono!

Flour (100%)
Water (56.5%)
IDY (.8%)
Salt (1.5%)
Vegetable (Soybean) Oil (7.3%)
Sugar (5%)
Vital Wheat Gluten (4%)
Total (175.1%)

The recipe is given in bakers percentages,  it can be used for any sized pie…

Aloha, E Komo Mai…

Welcome to my house, that is what that phrase means in Hawaiian. So I am beginning on  a journey to share the cooking I have been doing for 50 years or so.

I am a vegetarian, more recently a vegan, so what you will find here will be recipes and techniques for some non-vegan foods that have been veganized.

Living in Hawaii I do tend to prepare a a lot of Asian inspired dishes but, of course, I am pizzaholic so you will find pizza recipes abundant. I maybe the only one looking at this blog, but it’s an outlet for me to have fun and if anyone wants to come along great!.  Feel free to use the recipes, repeat them, share them, whatever.

Again Aloha and Mahalo!