My goal in testing and reviewing vegan cheese is to try the same cheese in different dishes; baked, fresh (think salad) and of course PIZZA!  So here it goes…

Teese by chicagoveganfoods.com.  They make it in mozzarella and cheddar flavors.  It is self stable and will, according to the manufacturer,  last for about 4 weeks in the refrigerator.  So far I have only tried the mozzarella style.

First  is pizza … I used my go to recipe;  a 2 day Papa John’s clone, this time with black olive and tofurky peperoni.  The teese did melt although did not achieve the stretch of dairy cheese.  Taste did not knock me out but was ok.

Next, a baked black bean and corn burrito.  Teese baked in the burrito  and on top as a garnish. In this case, I think because the teese was not the star of the show as in pizza, I was much happier with the results.  There is a creamy flavor that seems to work better than on pizza.

The texture of the cheese is quite soft, almost bree like.  In baking and even pizza, that can work, but I have my doubts for something like salads or tacos.  I have yet to try the cheddar flavor, it may have a firmer texture.  Conclusion, maybe a C+ to B- overall..

teese pizza

black bean and corn


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