Umeboshi (salted plums)

Umeboshi…  a salted preserved Japanese plum. Small unripe ume plums are salted along with red shiso leaves and shochu or in my case sake. The liquid which covers the plums is almost entirely (a couple of tablespoons is sake) from the plums themselves, drawn out by the salt. The whole process takes about 6-8 weeks. The ume are then drained and dried.  In Japan they are sun dried, I used a food dehydrator. The liquid or “vinegar” is saved and used as a seasoning. Very salty and tart umeboshi are used in sushi, onigiri and many more recipes.

ume 1

ume 2

ume 3


Banh Mi

My take on a banh mi… white whole wheat baguette, picked onion, carrot and mushrooms, sauteed seitan. With brown basmati rice.banh mi

Name change…

Not that anyone is paying attention, but, I have changed the name of the blog.  Probably the most popular question when people find out I am a vegan is “What do you eat”?  The answer, of course, is I eat what you do except it if it walked, flew,  or swam, not so much.

Anyway, I am feeling a little more vocal what with the assault on Kauai by multinational corporate experimental “agriculture”.  We will see what happens.  Mostly though, I will continue to share my ideas of what makes good food…